Show Outline

35th International Jewellery Tokyo (IJT 2024)

~ Japan's Largest Jewellery Trade Show! ~

Dates: Jan. 17 (Wed) - 20 (Sat), 2024
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo

28th International Jewellery Kobe (IJK 2024)

~ Japan's Best Mid-year Jewellery Show! ~

Dates: May 16 (Thurs) - 18 (Sat), 2024
Venue: Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Kobe

12th International Jewellery Tokyo AUTUMN (IJT AUTUMN 2024)

~ Best Timing Show for Year-end Sales Season! ~

Dates: Oct. 23 (Wed) - 25 (Fri), 2024
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama

Committed to Being Your Best Sales Platform Always!

IJT shows (IJT in Jan. / IJK in May / IJT AUTUMN in Oct.) are international trade show with 30-year experience, as well as Japan’s most important purchasing venue of the year.

A wide range of jewellery from fine jewellery to fashion jewellery as well as a variety of loose stones and strands will be exhibited. Also, related products such as materials and services will gather under one roof.Every year, executives and professional buyers from jewellery retailers, department stores, select shops, etc., visit the IJT Shows from all over the world to source. Robust business meetings take place everywhere during the show periods. 

Why Exhibit?

1. All kinds of jewellery industry professionals gather

2. You can meet Japanese leading buyers on-site!

To bring you many key buyers, Show Management invites thousands of selected Japanese buyers with large purchasing power as Premium Buyers.

3. Overseas Premium Buyers are sourcing huge amount of jewellery/gemstones!

Show Management invites selected buyers with large purchasing power from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and many other countries and regions of the world providing them with special incentive privileges. You can also start business with those non-Japanese buyers on-site and maximise your participation results!

4. Jewellery and gem suppliers from 32 countries and regions worldwide exhibit! (at IJT 2019)

•Australia  •Austria  •Belgium  •Belize  •China  •France  •Germany  •Hong Kong  •India  •Indonesia  •Iran  •Israel  •Italy  •Japan  •Korea  •Latvia  •Lithuania  •Malaysia  •Myanmar  •Nepal  •New Zealand  •Portugal  •Russia  •Singapore  •Spain  •Sri Lanka  •Switzerland  •Taiwan  •Thailand  •Turkey  •UK  •USA


The trade place for you and the wealthy market of Japan

■ Exhibit Products

   ・High-end Jewellery  ・Fancy Colour Diamonds
  ・Fancy Shape Diamonds  ・Precious Stones etc.

■ Visitor Profile

  ・Importers/Distributors  ・Top Jewellery Retailers
  ・Department Stores      ・ Individual Contractors for Super-rich Users etc.

The privileges you can experience

  1. This zone will create especially luxurious atmosphere as a special
    exclusive area.
  2. Your jewellery will be promoted from a few weeks before the show period through two types of special photo directories with Japanese translations.
  3. Special Business Lounge will be located exclusively within the Luxury Zone for your meetings with new buyers.

Why Japan?

1. Japanese jewellery market continues to rebound

Featured News

Japan’s luxury goods market, one of the largest in the world, is growing steadily again, after a long period of global and domestic crisis, and is expected to grow further over the next years thanks to rising consumer confidence and the purchasing power of the younger generations, creating prospects for an increase in spending for luxury goods. Moreover, purchases by inbound tourists have a substantial effect on sales in the luxury goods market, and as the number of tourists is expected to rise in 2018, a boost in the luxury market is expected too.

Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2018

2. Japan’s economy growth boosts the buying power

Featured News

Japan’s economy recorded its longest growth streak since its heyday in the late 1980s, after expanding in the last three months of 2017 for an eighth straight quarter, the latest indication that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is succeeding in generating more stable growth. The world’s third-largest economy expanded at an annualized pace of 0.5% in the October-December quarter, but at a much slower pace than a revised 2.2% in the previous three months as the overall contribution to growth from trade weakened.

www.marketwatch.com, Feb. 13, 2018

3. Imported jewellery market in Japan is expanding

Featured News

According to a new report by McKinsey & Co shared exclusively with BoF, Japanese consumers are now spending 3.6 trillion yen (about $33 billion) each year on luxury goods. Business leaders are also feeling more optimistic, with over half of local luxury executives surveyed by McKinsey viewing Japan, which accounts for as much as 30 to 40 percent of some global brands’ profitability, as a growth engine and profit generator.
www.businessoffashion.com, May 21, 2018

RX Japan’s Solemn Declaration of

Non-Inflated Numbers

1. The reason for not inflating the visitor numbers

Inflating visitor numbers is a misrepresentation of the exhibition’s content, and a fraudulent act toward the exhibitors. Therefore, RX Japan will not commit such an act.

2. The visitor number counting method

Every visitor is to submit one business card at the visitor registration counter on-site, and will be counted as one visitor based on their business cards no matter how many times he/she re-enters the show.

3. Visitor numbers will be verified by an external party

Once the exhibition is completed, all the business cards submitted at the visitor registration counter will be presented to a certified accountant, who will verify that they are the same number as the number of visitors announced by the organiser. Random checks will be conducted through phone calls to the persons on the business cards to confirm that they had attended the exhibition.

4. Written official announcement of the visitor count

Immediately following the exhibition, the visitor number will be announced alongside the counting method, in written form.

For more information, contact your nearest RX office/representative

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