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IJT shows (IJT in Jan. / IJK in May / IJT AUTUMN in Oct.) are international trade shows with 36-year experience, as well as Japan’s most important purchasing venues of the year.

A wide range of jewellery from fine jewellery to fashion jewellery as well as a variety of loose stones and strands will be exhibited. Also, related products such as materials and services will gather under one roof.

Every year, executives and professional buyers from jewellery retailers, department stores, select shops, wholesalers/importers, jewellery designers, and other buyers, visit the IJT Shows from all over the world to source. Robust business meetings take place everywhere during the show periods. 

Reason 1

Japan is the 3rd Largest Jewellery Market in the World

Japan stands out as one of the biggest players in the global jewellery market, securing its position as the third-largest jewellery market worldwide, trailing only behind China and the United States. This underscores Japan's significant contribution to the flourishing world's jewellery industry.

Reason 2

Held in Japan, Asia's hub of the jewellery market, the three IJT shows attract 58,000 Buyers*

A total of 58,000 buyers* of major retailers, wholesalers/importers, jewellery designers, and other buyers with purchasing power come from all over Japan and the world to attend the three IJT shows every year. They are extremely popular with over 20% of buyers coming from a large number of countries other than Japan.

Reason 3

86%* of exhibitors are satisfied and continue to exhibit

Held 3 times a year, IJT shows cover the entire Japanese market and all buying seasons. That makes them the necessary trade platforms to participate in. Over 86%* of some 1,500 companies are repeat exhibitors and are very satisfied with the business results.


Current Jewellery Market in Japan

Japan Firmly Remains as a Huge, World Leading Jewellery Market

Being the world third largest, Japan's jewellery market has been growing again steadily and it is expected to exceed JPY 1,000 billion* in 2024.

Healthy Growth of Luxury Market

Strong economic sentiments, driven by rising stock prices and other factors, have done much to boost jewellery purchases, especially among well-to-do and fun-loving consumers.

With the Nikkei Stock Average, the best performing mature stock index in the world in 2023, reaching an all-time high, the purchasing power of Japanese consumers is on a rapid rise.

The market expansion is also attributed to the fact that consumers have more opportunities to go out and visit department stores and other commercial facilities post- Covid19.

Jewellery sales in Japan is expected to continue its surge through 2024.

■ Growing Japanese Jewellery Market

■ Nikkei Stock Average

*Total number of expected visitors to IJT 2024 IJK 2024, Autumn IJT 2024. Total number of exhibitors at IJT 2023, IJK 2023, Autumn IJT 2023. Calculated from the number of companies that exhibited at IJT 2022 that continued to exhibit at the same exhibition in 2023. Source of Growing Japanese Jewellery Market: Yano Research Institute Ltd.

About 3 IJT Shows

Dates: Jan. 15 (Wed) - 18 (Sat), 2025
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo

Dates: May 16 (Thurs) - 18 (Sat), 2024
Venue: Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Kobe

Dates: Oct. 23 (Wed) - 25 (Fri), 2024
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama

International Jewellery Tokyo (IJT)

Japan's Largest Jewellery Trade Show
Japan’s largest* jewellery trade show with 36 years history. Fully established as a “Venue for sourcing” for buyers throughout Japan and Asia. In addition to jewellery stores, many new types of trade buyers visit.

Figures in 2025
23,000 visitors *expected
720 exhibitors *expected

■ IJT Number of Visitors

■ IJT Type of Visitors

■ IJT Visitors Profile

International Jewellery Kobe (IJK)

Japan's Best Mid-year Jewellery Show
90% of the visitors come from Western Japan. The best trade venue to conduct sales with Western Japan buyers. Quality buyers also come from Southern Japan (Fukuoka and Hiroshima, etc.) Easy access from nearby Asian countries.

Figures in 2024
15,000 visitors
530 exhibitors 

■ IJK Number of Visitors

■ IJK Type of Visitors

■ IJK Visitors Profile

International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn

Best Timing Show for Year-end Sales Season
Major trade show designated for the year-end sales. Being held at the best timing, huge numbers of retailers, wholesalers and new types of industry buyers attend. Growing in numbers from Asian countries.

Figures in 2024
15,000 visitors
460 exhibitors 

■ IJT Autumn Number of Visitors

■ IJT Autumn Type of Visitors

■ IJT Autumn Visitors Profile

Who are Social Buyers

Buyer to specialize in live jewellery sales

Social buyers* who specialize in live jewellery sales, a trend that is currently expanding significantly in distribution value, especially in Asia. Live sales is a method of selling products to consumers around the world via video streaming via smartphones. Selling at event venues sells better than it usually does, and many leading buyers come to the International jewellery Show. This is a great opportunity to not only sell to existing buyers, but also to attract new buyers.

■ Number of Social Buyers are increasing

■ Purchasing Amount by Social Buyers

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Q: How can I get materials and an application form for exhibiting?

A: Please apply by using Space Reservation Inquiry Form. Free download of exhibition materials is available on the application completion page.

Q: How can I apply to exhibit?

A: Please contact us via Space Reservation Inquiry Form or e-mail ([email protected]). You can also contact the nearest RX office/representative.

Q: Is there a deadline for applications?

A: Applications will close when all exhibit spaces are sold out. Please contact Show Management for the latest booth availability.

Q: Are there any plans that include decoration as a package?

A: We offer a Rental Display System that includes the construction and equipment necessary for exhibiting. This plan includes electrical work, etc., and includes everything from booth construction to removal, so you can easily exhibit by simply bringing in your exhibited products. For details, please contact Show Management.

Q: Can I choose the booth location?

A: Your choice of location depends on the number of booths, so please contact Show Management.

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IJT Show Management

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